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Current Exhibition:

Student Art Exhibition

May 13 - June 13, 2024 

The NSC Art Department and the NSC Art Gallery present a showcase of artwork by students from the last year.  Until May 31st voting will be open for Peoples' Choice Award, so please visit the NSC Art Gallery to see the exhibition and cast one vote for your favorite piece.

NSC student show flyer

Past Exhibitions:

Persist! Movement and Protest Art 

Opening Celebration: March 13, 2024, 4-6 pm 
March 11 – April 26, 2024

"Persist! Movement and Protest Art” pulls together posters, art, zines, and ephemera from a wide variety of movements, while focusing on pieces that educate, inspire, and fuel resistance in the face of a white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal world.

Join us for the opening celebration Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 4-6 pm. We will have a provisional press on loan from Partners in Print and visitors will be able to make and take prints and buttons with messages of hope, protest, and persistence. Visitors will also be able to make, take, and add prints to the gallery as well as sit and read zines, and books from the newly renovated NSC library.

Persist! Movement and Protest Art

Quotidian Queer, curated by Jessica Marie Mercy

Opening Celebration: Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4-7pm.       
January 22 - March 1, 2024

As Queer culture reaches new heights within our broader society the world has become increasingly hard for LGBTQIA people to navigate.  We are more visible, our aesthetics and culture are more sought after than ever, yet most of us struggle to survive. Our Pride parades have become ad campaigns to make giant corporations money without their investment back into our community. As our culture is appropriated it has become easy to objectify, commodify, and dehumanize us. Our neighborhoods have become unsafe, medical care is rarely accessible, and resources are scarce.

Despite these outrageous conditions our community continues to pull together, trying to keep each other afloat, funded, and as safe as we can manage. In this exhibition we ask you to witness and celebrate our existence- our grief, our beauty, our pain, as well as our joy.         

This show is a look at our inner lives and a reminder that Queerness, for us, is everyday.

Jessica Marie Mercy       

Participating Artists:       
Adamska Elizaveta Rakhilkina       
Adé Cônnére        
Adrienne Leigh       
Eli Seibel       
Hanako O’Leary        
Jasmine Fetterman       
Jessica Marie Mercy       
Jo Cosme       
Kelly Bjork       
Kerstin Graudins       
Kiki Robinson         
Lae Edidin       
Leobardo Bañuelos, Jr.         
Nikki Jabbora-Barber       
Oliver Vy Nguyen       
Shilo Davies       

Quotidian Queer, curated by Jessica Marie Mercy flyer


Opening Celebration: Wednesday, November 15, 4-6pm.       
November 13, 2023 - January 12, 2024

construct brings together eight artists selected for their use of material and how they highlight construction in their work. Each piece evades the standard rectangle and calls into question why the rectangle was there at all. Collage weaves its way through the exhibition as does the repurposing and subsequent transformation of materials. These pieces relate to one another by color, line, form, and use of space, each artist working in a variety of materials and modes of making. Seen together, references emerge and we find connections between these works that hint at social constructs, the radical act of reuse, and the undeniable impulse of the maker to play, find relationships, and see materials and meanings anew.  

Participating Artists: 

Bella Kim        
Jason Ruhl        
Ellen Garvens        
Gillian Theobald        
Colleen Toutant Merrill        
Denise Treizman        
David Simpson        
John Masello 

construct, opening on Monday, November 13, 2023.

The 2023 Seattle Metals Guild Biennial Exhibition: Process is a Loop and a Line          
September 25 - November 3, 2023

Opening Celebration: Wed.Sept. 27, 4-6pm           
SMG opening: Fri., October 6, 6-8pm

To mark the Seattle Metals Guild’s 35th year, the theme of this year’s member biennial exhibition is Process is a Loop and a Line. Along with the finished work, the show includes process ephemera that document the development of ideas. These process materials represent all the work that extends out into time and space beyond any individual completed work.

smg image

2023-2023 North Seattle College Continuing Education Art Exhibition

July 178 - August 17, 2023          
NSC Continuing Education and the NSC Art Gallery present a showcase of artwork by CE students from the last year.

2022-23 CE show

Student Art Exhibition

May 15 - June 15, 2023

The NSC Art Department and the NSC Art Gallery present a showcase of artwork by students from the last year.  Until May 31st voting will be open for People's Choice Award, so please visit the NSC Art Gallery to see the exhibition and cast one vote for your favorite piece.

2023 student show

About Helen Ramona P2 

March 13 - April 28, 2023

Artist's Exhibition Statement:

Janelle Abbott’s 2023 series “Helen Ramona” is dedicated to and inspired by the artists late grandmother of the same name. In this iteration, Abbott utilizes fashion, painting, and furniture to contemplate the stages of a life lived, and the narrative void left in the absence of the dead—illustrating the creative power of the living to memorialize and mythologize those who have gone before us. Large scale paintings of weeping roses are juxtaposed by a series of translucent white garments representing the transformation of Helen Ramona from child to eternal spirit. 

About the Zero Waste Methodology

The zero waste patterns are like giant puzzles where each piece fits perfectly into the next so that nothing fabric is wasted. When cut and assembled, these pattern pieces become a garment; deconstructed, they can be returned to a perfect rectangle of fabric. Comparatively, traditional pattern drafting wastes 15% of materials in conjunction with garment production. Zero waste honors the time, energy, labor, and natural resources imbued within the material world—it can also provide artists and designers with an opportunity to extend their creative capacity by working within strict limitations. The JRAT brand of zero waste design extends beyond pattern drafting and includes the exclusive use of post-consumer waste such as found or donated clothing, dead-stock textiles, and factory off cuts.

About the Artist

Janelle Abbott (JRAT) was born into the fashion industry—her parents owned a clothing manufacturing company where they produced Tencel garments in Seattle for over 20 years. This early exposure to the behind the scenes of garment production gave Janelle a sense of reverence for the labor involved in creating clothing. She received a BFA in fashion design from Parsons School of Design in 2012. In the face of the exploitive labor and environmental damage perpetrated by corporate fashion, Janelle decided to carve her own path—one committed to upcycling, sustainability, hand craft, and the zero waste design methodology. Densely pleated, boldly clashing, and unexpectedly rhythmic, Janelle’s work is scrappy, unapologetic, and a testament to just how much time and energy it takes for real humans to manufacture and produce every consumer product we engage with.

About Helen Ramona P2

Ideas of Home 

January 23 - March 3, 2023 

When we think about home each of us conjures a different image, and these continue to morph and change throughout our lives. For some, home is the container—the place—that holds our daily activities; for others it is where our emotions and memories dwell; for still others it is about those we care most about; and for some it is all of these. The concept of home also brings to mind a balance of scarcity and abundance, the transitional nature of place, as well as what it means to build a home. After the last few years in which most of us spent more time “at home” than we ever imagined we would, ideas of home have expanded. The eight artists whose work is included in this show are brought together around this theme of home, though their standpoints and perspectives may differ.    

Participating Artists:            
Martha Armstrong:            
Tyanna Buie:            
Olivia Fredricks:            
Shruti Ghatak:            
Ariston Jacks:            
Kathy Liao:            
Daphne Minkoff:            

Ideas of Home

Distilled: Contemporary Abstraction

November 14, 2022 – January 13, 2023

In the art world the word abstraction is slippery in its meaning and the category is large. There are many connotations. It presumes many different visions and ways of working all pulled out of the representational world and distinct. For this exhibition we look toward work that takes a concept to its core with a clarified aspect. But even in the included pieces by these seven artists there are many ways of working. For some it might be a considered simplification, the concept distilled to its essential parts, whittled down. For some they submerge themselves in a place or ingest a researched idea distilling it to its essential parts, iterating and perhaps reiterating it after much time circling the mind. For all of the included artists what you are seeing is an offering of something of the repeated trace of the original idea. Whether simple or complex in its aspect each is made with a highly considered touch or gesture, honed.

Participating Artists: 

Lydia Bassis:          
Avantika Bawa:          
Susan Belau:          
Sue Danielson:          
Carole d’Inverno:           
Sara Osebold:          
Megan Prince:


(a) relation of body to water

September 26 - November 4, 2022

Water is a multifaceted and, of course, fluid proposition and as we approach it the relationship builds in complication. Through dependance, power, comfort, worship, fear, and the many ways we envision this natural resource our connections and viewpoints multiply. (a) relation of body to water is a group exhibition of work by artists who have looked to the entwined relationship of water and people. This exhibition supports these relationships.

Among the pieces in this show are Mayumi Hamanaka’s Invisible Lands which presents what the sea has stolen and given back as gifts, redistributing wealth. Jen Shaw’s Flood State expresses the uncertainty of living in Louisiana where humans and water are constantly at odds. Ethan Bickel swims in the waters surrounding Seattle as a daily healing practice and his photographs document his interaction. All of the artists in this exhibition delve into our ties to water and what we imbue it with.

Participating Artists:

Ethan Bickel,          
Sheila Coppola,          
Mayumi Hamanaka,          
Gene Gentry McMahon,          
Natalie Niblack,          
Joaquin Palting,          
Samantha Scherer,          
Jen Shaw,

(a) relation of body to water

2021-2022 North Seattle College Continuing Education Art Exhibition

July 19 - August 18, 2022

NSC Continuing Education and the NSC Art Gallery present a showcase of artwork by CE students from the last year. Until August 5th voting will be open for People's Choice Award, so please visit the NSC Art Gallery to see the exhibition and cast one vote for your favorite piece. Gallery hours for the summer are Tuesday & Wednesday 12-2pm and 5-7pm and Thursday & Friday 12-2pm.

2022 CE art show

2021-2022 North Seattle College Juried Student Art Exhibition

May 16 - June 16, 2022

The NSC Art Department and the NSC Art Gallery present a showcase of artwork by students from the last year.  Until May 31st voting will be open for People's Choice Award, so please visit the NSC Art Gallery to see the exhibition and cast one vote for your favorite piece.

2022 Student art show

Extracurricular lll

March 14 - April 28th

Extracurricular features the work of the practicing Artists who comprise the North Seattle College Art Department. This exhibition highlights current work by this incredible group of makers. Our art faculty and techs create work that is not only inspiring to the community in which live but serves as inspiration for the students they teach. Their individual artistic practices are central to their teaching curriculum and in turn the experiences they have in the classroom greatly impact their work. Do not miss this chance to see what our outstanding group of teaching artists has been working on when not in the classroom.

Participating Artists and their Classes/Roles at NSC:          
Ling Chun – Ceramics          
Emily Gherard – Drawing          
Michelle Kelly – Painting/Drawing          
Amanda Knowles – Printmaking/Drawing          
Barbara Knuth – Jewelry and Metalsmithing          
Paul Komada – Digital Art          
Kelda Martensen – Printmaking/Drawing/Painting          
Daphne Minkoff – Painting          
Joaquin Palting – Digital Photography          
Paula Rebsom – Sculpture/Ceramics/2D and 3D Design          
Aaron Scofield – Jewelry Tech

Extracurricular III

The Sun, The Moon, & Stars

January 31 - March 3, 2022

The sky holds intrigue. During the day when the sun reigns we can believe that we are the center of the universe. Once the sun sets and we gaze out into space filled with millions of other stars and planets we see our insignificance. All cultures honor these heavenly bodies through art, poetry, films and song. We all stand side by side looking out from our place in the universe and marvel.

In this show seven artists look into space for their motivation – seeing it through a telescope, watching the patterns that the stars make as they traverse the sky, tracking time, creating a vision of history and the future – all read into the sky just above our heads.

Participating Artists:          
Daniel Carrillo          
Rebecca Cummins          
Louise Fisher          
Patricia Lagarde          
Kirk Lang          
Nora Pauwels          
Anna Von Mertens

Moon 2022 flyer

The Sun, The Moon, & Stars